Here’s Why You Should Keep Non-Alcoholic Beverages in Stock

The popularity of consumers opting for non-alcoholic beverage options is on the rise. Keeping these non-alcoholic drink options in stock in your restaurant or convenience store is a great way to stay ahead of trends, meet consumer demands, and grow your profits.

Purchasing Trends in Non-Alcoholic Beverages

The increasing demand for non-alcoholic drink options is not just a hunch – the data is undeniable. In September of 2022, the non-alcoholic beverage industry in the US was valued at a robust $395 million USD, making for a substantial 20.6% increase year over year.

Globally, the no- and low-alcohol beverage market surpassed $11 billion in market value in 2022, and the compound annual growth rate is only increasing.

The demand for no- and low-alcoholic beverages is led by the millennial category, and insights show that 78% of the consumers of these non-alcoholic drinks also drink classic alcoholic beverages. These consumers like to switch between alcoholic and non-alcoholic options, while those who abstain entirely from alcohol account for the rest of the demand.

What’s Pushing the Non-Alcoholic Demand?

There are many benefits to non-alcoholic beverages for the consumer. A person may avoid alcohol for any number of reasons –allergies to alcohol, religious reasons, or to avoid the hangover experience, to name a few. For those consumers who opt for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, switching between the two on a night out is an effective way to enjoy oneself while keeping alcohol consumption in check.

The health benefits alone make a strong case for non-alcoholic options. They’re lower in calories than their alcoholic counterparts, and studies have shown a range of health benefits as a result of replacing alcoholic drinks with these alternatives. Reduced risk of heart disease, significant boosts to mental health and happiness, and better sleep are among those benefits, to name a few.

Whatever the motivation for avoiding alcohol, there are clear benefits to non-alcoholic beverage options. Many consumers desire the taste of their favourite alcoholic drinks, without the alcohol content. The non-alcoholic beverage market offers a wide range of exciting flavours, including mocktails like a Gin & Tonic or a Whiskey & Cola to non-alcoholic beers with strong flavour profiles like Partake’s IPA.

More than a matter of taste, drinking culture plays a significant role in societies across the globe. Refusing to take part in that culture can have negative impacts on a person’s social and professional success, and non-alcoholic beverages provide an alternative solution for those consumers who want to take part in that culture while avoiding the undesirable effects of alcohol.

How to Tap into This Growing Market

We know that the benefits are there for consumers, and the demand is only continuing to grow. How can you capitalize on that opportunity and keep your customers satisfied while growing your profits?

If you run a restaurant, keep these non-alcoholic options in stock and be sure to include them clearly on your menu. You may want to advertise your non-alcoholic beverages on social channels as well, as many consumers may not be aware of your selection.

If you operate a convenience store or gas station, make space for non-alcoholic cocktail spritzes or wine coolers amongst your beverage collection. You might also consider stocking non-alcoholic versions of popular beer brands, like these options produced by Budweiser and Heineken. Make sure customers know about your non-alcoholic beverages in stock through attention-grabbing floor displays or enticing price points.

An important thing to note is that just like their alcoholic counterparts, these non-alcoholic beverages are best enjoyed cold. Be sure to keep them refrigerated and ready for thirsty customers!

If you’re serving these drinks in a restaurant or bar environment, don’t overlook the aesthetic presentation, either! A mocktail should be presented with just as much care as a standard cocktail, with the same glassware, garnishes, and special touches.

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