Eco-Friendly Packaging Now Available at Wholesale Club

Pollution from waste products has become a global health hazard. From air pollution to water pollution, to overwhelmed waste distribution centers and everyday garbage that litters our roads, single-use plastics and other forms of packaging continue to disrupt entire ecosystems and affect communities across the world. According to, “pollution is one of the biggest global killers, affecting over 100 million people. That’s comparable to global diseases like malaria and HIV.”

But it’s not simply the packaging of products that’s the issue – it’s also the single-use plates, cutlery and items such as plastic straws that have a devastating impact. While they’re convenient to use, over time these items end up on land or in waterways where they leak chemicals and are ingested by animals. Most of these single use plastics are not biodegradable, which means that they remain in the environment for hundreds of years. In fact, evidence suggests that plastic alone will never biodegrade.


In response to united efforts to eliminate harmful single-use plastics and help the environment, Wholesale Club is excited to introduce eco-friendly packaging that will make a positive impact on our planet. We’re partnering with Polar Pak, Eco Packaging, Eco-Guardian, and GenPak to bring you eco-friendly packaging and single-use products like:



  • Compostable clamshell containers
  • Compostable sugarcane plates
  • Compostable forks
  • Compostable straws
  • Compostable hot paper cups
  • Compostable paper soup cups
We are proud to offer consumers a variety of eco-friendly alternatives.
Product availability varies by store.

Every day choices make a difference

Making eco-conscious choices every day is an important step to reducing the impact of climate change. Imagine the impact of your socially conscious choices and then multiple that effect by the thousands of consumers across the globe! Eco-friendly packaging is a great place to start. With fewer required materials and easy methods of disposal, there are many benefits to using eco-friendly packaging as an alternative to traditional packaging. Here are a few:



Smaller carbon footprint

From the manufacturing of raw materials to the transportation and use by consumers, creating eco-friendly products releases less carbon emissions overall. Eco-friendly packaging is naturally much lighter and takes up less space while in storage and when being shipped. This compactness ultimately allows for more product to be shipped at once which reduces the need for more frequent shipments. All these benefits have a very positive impact on our carbon footprint.


Less allergens and toxins

Traditional packaging tends to be full of harmful chemicals and synthetics that affect our landfills and waterways, but also impact consumers directly by exacerbating allergies or other health conditions. Using eco-friendly packaging reduces everyday contact with toxins and contributes to a healthier lifestyle.


Increased versatility

Most eco-friendly products can be reused or repurposed without the risk of re-exposure to the chemicals found in traditional packaging. Recycling eco-friendly products means less need for new raw materials, another benefit to the environment, and the range of creativity with other products that have been repurposed is virtually endless.

A healthy earth benefits us all

Eco-friendly products are safer for consumers but also improve the health of the environment by using renewable energy and ensuring that regardless of where they end up, they will safely biodegrade so as not to further harm animals or plant life. Compostable products like those offered at Wholesale Club break down quickly while leaving behind important nutrients to nurture the soil. Join us in choosing eco-friendly products and together, we will make a critical difference in the fight against climate change!

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