Sanitizing Your Food Preparation and Services Workspace

Patio season is here, businesses are reopening, and customers are eager to enjoy dining experiences again. The food service industry is adapting to a new normal and we know the safety of your customers and staff is a top priority. Without a vaccine, the best defense against the coronavirus and operating your business safely is proactive prevention and sanitization.

In addition to following your province’s health and safety standards, we’ve broken down some of the best industrial cleaning practices recommended by Restaurants Canada, the Canadian Centre for Occupation Health and Safety, and Avmor to keep your business operating with enhanced sanitization measures.

1. Train Your Staff 

Proper cleaning practices come from within the organization. Provide your staff with personal protective equipment suitable for cleaning agents such as gloves, eye protection, and facemasks. Instruct them on the proper two-step disinfection procedure:

  • First pre-clean surfaces with a new or freshly washed microfiber cloth.
  • Follow by washing with a disinfectant cleaner.

If you haven’t already, update your cleaning schedule and monitor the frequency of cleaning.

It’s also important to train your staff on personal hygiene. Remind them to wash their hands at least every 30 minutes for a minimum of 30 seconds. If your staff are wearing masks, ensure they wash their hands before putting it on, before they take it off, and after removing it. Discourage employees from touching their mask while in use.


2. Use High-Quality Cleaning Products 

Investing in quality cleaning solution is investing in your business. Here’s what we recommend:

Hot Stuff Oven and Grill Cleaner by Avmor

This is a powerful cleaner that quickly removes carbon and fat from commercial ovens, fryers, griddles, and another common kitchen equipment.

Orange Stuff Hard Surface Cleaner Degreaser by Avmor

Great for cleaning grease from floors, counter tops, tables, and other food preparation surfaces, this cleaner contains organic ingredients that are readily biodegradable.

Sani Stuff Disinfectant and No Rinse Sanitizer by Avmor

This powerful disinfectant is excellent for industrial food establishments. It is safe to use on non-porous surfaces and deodorizes odors.

Classik Auto-Dish Detergent by Cam-J

Chlorine and phosphate free, this dish detergent is available in two sizes and woks well in both high and low temperature machines.

Classiko Grill Cleaner by Cam-J

This solution is available in two sizes and is designed to remove tough grease from grills, commercial ovens, and deep fryers.

3. Focus on High-Touch Points 

While the entire facility should be sanitized regularly, focus on cleaning high-touch points multiple times throughout the day. This includes door handles, pens, point of sale machines, washrooms, reusable menus, tables, and any other surface or item customers and staff come into contact with frequently.

Where buffets are permitted, extend sneeze guards in place. Remember to change, wash, and sanitize utensils frequently and place barriers where appropriate.

Providing hand sanitizers at the entrance and tables will also encourage customers to keep their hands clean during their stay.


4. Encourage Social Distancing Where Possible

Implementing policies that minimize contact will reduce risk of exposure to the virus while keeping your business open. Here are a few you can start with:

  • Stagger staff start times and minimize contact during sign-ins.
  • Use barriers and markers to indicate six feet while customers stand in line.
  • Mark directions of travel to washrooms and exits.
  • Rearrange seating to keep groups of guests at a safe distance from one another.
  • Reduce your maximum capacity and consider a reservation only policy.

If staff are in close contact with one another, encourage face masks at work.

Proper sanitization practices are key to reopening and keeping your guests and staff safe. At Wholesale Club, we carry bulk goods and quality commercial restaurant cleaning products. Many of our products are also available to order online, so order online or visit us in store to get your cleaning solutions! 

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