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Social Media Tips for Small Restaurants in Canada

Social media marketing is a great way for restaurants to build their customer base, which is why we’ve collected practical tips to help restauranteurs!

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Embrace Multicultural Cuisine in Your Canadian Restaurant

Thanks to Canada’s increasing immigrant population, there is a growing demand for international and multicultural cuisine. Learn how to tap into this market.

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Top Tips to Accommodate Alternative Diets on Your Menu

Build better relationships with your customers by changing your menu to accommodate their healthy diets. Find our top tips in this Wholesale Club blog!

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How to Include Indigenous Food and Culture in Your Restaurant

Indigenous food is deeply embedded in Canada’s culture and yet, many know little about it. Learn how to introduce Indigenous cuisine into your restaurant!

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Three Ways to Introduce Sustainable Food Trends into Your Restaurant

This Earth Month, consider trying a sustainable food trend in your restaurant to make a positive impact on your customers and the planet.

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Keeping Tummies Full Since 1989

A study conducted on behalf of Food Banks Canada showed just how heavily certain demographics have been impacted by the pandemic. Here’s how we can help.

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