Lentil Veggie Nuggests For Picky Eaters & Vegans

These lentil veggie nuggets are perfect for the picky toddler in your house. (Or picky adults!) Kids and adults alike love to dip, and it’s one of the easiest ways to get a picky eater to try new things. These perfectly “dunkable” nuggets are completely wholesome and packed with nutrients, but you can keep that tiny bit of info all to yourself.

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Ilona Daniel
Get to Know Chef Ilona | Ilona Daniel

We asked Ilona Daniel, Chef Professor at The Culinary Institute of Canada and Food and Lifestyle Presenter at CBC Radio, for her opinions on topics like: the latest food combination she discovered, things that get her angry in the kitchen, what she would change about the food industry, and any advice she has for aspiring chefs.

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Get To Know Sizzling Tandoor’s Head Chef: Narpinder Bawa

In this article, we ask Narpinder Bawa, the head chef at Sizzling Tandoor (which was voted Victoria's Best Indian Restaurant 7 years in a row), for some interesting hot takes on topics like what traits she admires in other chefs, what her favourite comfort foods are, and any advice she has for aspiring chefs.

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Flourless Triple Chocolate Cake

These cakes are simple to make and are sure to delight customers and family alike. No added flour in this recipe for our celiac friends who can enjoy the chocolate decadence as well. Put your own spin on this recipe by topping chocolate ganache with your favourite topping, candied nuts, toasted coconut or peanut m&m’s!

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Get To Know PEI’s Chef Of The Year: Jesse MacDonald

This traveled culinary chef has traveled the world to sharpen his skills in the kitchen. The results? In July 2018 he was awarded Chef of the Year for the PEI Tourism departments Best of Sea Restaurant Promotion which sees the best chefs the Island has to offer compete for the privilege to represent PEI at the International Shellfish Festival during the Garland Canada Chef Challenge Event and the chance to go head to head against some of the best chefs the country has to offer.

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Summertime Shrimp Tacos & Coleslaw

A perfect summertime recipe. You can BBQ the shrimps or sauté them in a pan. Having people over? This is a great recipe for your guests to make their own tacos! Just make sure you make enough because they'll go quick!

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