Celebrate Gluten-Free in Your Restaurant with Ardent Mills

The culinary world is evolving as an increasing number of diners seek out gluten-free options for health and lifestyle reasons. Ardent Mills’ gluten-free flour blends, proudly offered by The Wholesale Club, can help you revolutionize your menu, helping to make every meal an inclusive delight for these consumers.

Join us and our friends at Ardent Mills to discover how you can expand your offerings to help you stay competitive, innovative and on-trend with the rise of gluten-free food. From bread to pastries and even pizzas, incorporating these flour blends is an excellent way to help make your dishes stand out and cater to the different dietary needs of your customers!

Why Include Gluten-Free Options at Your Restaurant

When you think about gluten-free options, you might imagine they’re only for a small group of people. But the truth is, the interest in gluten-free food is booming. In Canada, 40% of consumers eat gluten-free at least some of the time, and many do so by choice. In fact, a surprising 69% choose gluten-free foods out of preference rather than necessity. This shows that there’s a wide interest and a growing market for such options.

Pizza is a classic favourite at restaurants, and gluten-free pizza is gaining ground. 17.5% of restaurants now offer gluten-free crusts today! Plus, in the last four years, gluten-free pizza crust has seen a staggering 63% increase in menu appearances. This means if you’re offering pizza without a gluten-free option, you might be missing out on a large customer base.

It’s not just about gluten-free pizza, though. We’re seeing a rise in gluten-free bread, cakes, pastries, biscuits, and even cereal and snacks. This increase means more variety and more ways for you to serve people who eat gluten-free at your restaurant.

The Excellence of Ardent Mills Gluten-Free Flour Blends

Choosing the right gluten-free flour is as important as deciding to include gluten-free options on your menu. Ardent Mills Gluten-Free Flour Blends are our top choice for ensuring your dishes are delicious and cater to those with dietary preferences or needs.

Why Choose Ardent Mills?

The quality of Ardent Mills gluten-free flour blends isn’t just about meeting a standard; it’s about exceeding expectations. The foods you create with these blends are designed to impress with their quality and flavour. This flour is a commitment to your customers that they can enjoy excellent gluten-free options.

What Makes Ardent Mills Gluten-Free Flour Stand Out?

  1. Superior Product Quality: The end result of any dish begins with its ingredients. Ardent Mills Gluten-Free Flour Blends are crafted to help make sure the final baked goods are best in class – not only gluten-free but delicious.
  2. Versatility in Baking: Ardent Mills Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour is specially formulated to work wonderfully as a substitute for conventional flour. Just follow your usual preparation and baking directions to create treats with excellent appearance and taste.
  3. Yeast-Friendly: Yes, you can make incredible gluten-free bread and other yeast-leavened products too! With a little tweak from our culinary team’s recipes, this blend will give you fluffy, tender results that could fool even the most dedicated bread lovers.
  4. Perfect Pizza Crusts: Craving for a pizza that’s both gluten-free and irresistibly good? Ardent Mills Gluten-Free Pizza Flour Blend makes it possible. Whether your customers love their pizza crust thin, thick, or deep-pan, this blend ensures that each slice is just as satisfying as traditional pizzas.

Ardent Mills offers high-quality gluten-free flours that are suitable for use in all your favourite recipes from breakfast favourites like pancakes or muffins to alternative options for table bread, like delicious focaccia.

When you choose Ardent Mills Gluten-Free Flour Blends, you’re not just getting a bag of flour. You’re equipping your kitchen with a versatile ingredient that will help you create a range of gluten-free dishes.  With Ardent Mills flour from Wholesale Club, you can be confident that your menu will be loved by all your customers, no matter their dietary needs.

Ready to start offering gluten-free on your menu? Check out the Wholesale Club in-store or online! We are dedicated to helping restaurant owners like you find the best deals on the ingredients you need.

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