Save Money and Reduce Food Waste With the Flashfood App

Did you know that 160 billion pounds of food in North America ends up in the landfill every year?

Grocery stores like Wholesale Club are working to develop new ways to reduce this number – improving operating procedures and shortening supply chains to keep food fresher, longer. But food waste is an issue for everyone. How can you help?

How to Use the Flashfood App

Wholesale Club has partnered with Flashfood, a free app that reduces food waste while also saving you money on groceries. What’s better than that?

The Flashfood app reduces food waste by letting grocery stores post items nearing their best before date on the app at sale prices of up to 50% of the usual retail price.

From there, you can look at the different items your favourite Wholesale Club store has to offer, purchasing them on the app.

The next step is easy: head in-store and pick up your goodies! In-store associates are trained to help you find your purchases, letting you walk in and out with ease.

Consider New Ideas with New Ingredients

Food waste programs like Flashfood are great options for restaurants that use large amounts of products quickly, such as produce or sliced meats.

You can also pick up items that are easy to freeze and put them away until you’re ready to use them.

Finding unique ways to use new products that you see on the Flashfood app is a great way to develop new recipes as well.

Try making a bread pudding out of some bread that you’ve never worked with before, or pasta made with vegetables that you’ve never considered in the past.

Picking up regularly used ingredients close to their expiration date can save you money in food costs and give you the satisfaction of knowing you’ve done something to decrease your impact on the environment.

For more information about the Flashfood app, visit their website or download the app. For more information on ways to save money with Wholesale Club, check out our Club Flyer for sales and exciting featured products!

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