Bring on the Heat, with McIlhenny’s Tabasco Sauce

Do you crave the heat that comes with spicy foods, or the beads of sweat that form on your brow?

There’s something about spicy foods that keep customers’ mouths watering. It could be the flavour; it could be the heat. But it’s more likely a combination of the two. Our love for spicy foods has held strong and shows no signs of slowing among younger demographics.

To keep your tastebuds satisfied while saving you the arm workout that comes with getting those savoury drops of hot sauce out of the bottle of your beloved Tabasco sauce, the family-owned brand is now offering foodservice sizes of a few of their fan favourites with a convenient pump.

So, grab yourself a glass of milk, and hype yourself up for the heat!


Easily Add A Signature Sauce to Your Meal

Creating a signature sauce to enhance a dish can be simple and cost effective. Don’t miss out on the chance to create a taste that your customers will keep coming back for! Watch as Chef Ryan Marquis, Corporate Chef at C.W. Shasky & Associates easily spices up a side order of dipping sauce.



Your Favourite Way to Turn Up the Heat

Simple ingredients. Simply made. McIlhenny Co Tabasco Sauce is flavourful and versatile. Easily make some side sauces for your guests by turning to the best in the hot sauce biz!

Discover Your Spice Style 

Some enjoy a little heat added to their dishes and drinks, others can take much more. Whatever your spice style, McIlhenny’s Tabasco brand has a hot sauce that you and your guests will agree adds flavour and heat to elevate any meal and keep your tastebuds tingling. And at the Wholesale Club, we’ve got your back with foodservice sizes to keep your budget in check.

Keep an eye out for these convenient formats with accompanying pump available soon!


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