Bring Your Burger Game to the Next Level With Kraft Heinz Condiments!

As the season heats up and people are looking for new ways to spend their evenings out, it’s time to look at upcoming trends to inspire customers new and old to head to your restaurant.

Our friends at Kraft Heinz are up to date on all the latest burger and condiment trends and have done the work to help you find out which ideas will take your establishment to the next level this summer!

Burger & Flavour Trends

Innovative Recipes

As Canada opens up, customers are looking for innovative and exciting options to eat when they go out. Most understood when menus were simplified over the last couple of years, but with opportunity on the horizon, people want to try unique flavour combinations and seasonal offerings.

Focus ideas on including new ingredients, like spicy jalapenos or creamy avocado toppings. Both have increased in popularity as people look for interesting and flavourful combinations to put on their burgers.

Try Cajun or Asian-inspired burgers that people would never be able to make at home or add some vinegar to your usual barbecue sauce to add a tang to your next recipe.

Spicy Flavours

Restaurants are turning up the heat with new spicy options for their customers. There has been a higher demand for meals with heat over the years, but people are now looking for interesting combinations – not just overpowering spice.

Try using a ghost pepper sauce as a topping or make a buffalo burger to offer at your restaurant and see how guests get excited over trying a new spicy burger.

Go Big or Go Home

People are also looking for big burgers, loaded with protein and toppings. As people look for indulgent options, stacking burger patties and including multiple layers of bacon and cheese are great ways to attract customers who are looking for something big to show off on their social feeds.

Responsible Ingredients

With an increase in demand for restaurants to be socially responsible and sustainable with their ingredients, restaurant operators can meet this need by offering transparency about their burger origins.

Offering 100% Canadian beef is a great way to show your customers that you’re concerned about the quality and standards of the food that you prepare. Purchasing and identifying that you use grass-fed or humanely-raised beef also increases your sustainability.

Customers also want to know that their plant-based offerings are sourced in Canada. People want to support their own economy, and often think that Canadian-grown ingredients are better than those from anywhere else.

Sauce Pairing Ideas

People all over are looking for new, exciting sauce combinations to try with their food. Gone is the excitement over sweet and savoury combinations, which have been the hot combination for years.

The latest condiment to rise in ranks is aioli, a combination of mayonnaise and other delicious flavours. It’s easy to make in your restaurant: simply mix mayonnaise with a flavour that you think will go well with your food. Italian restaurants can try adding pesto to make a pesto aioli, and classic pub restaurants should consider adding horseradish to make an aioli with a kick. Consider using creamy garlic dip as a side for people to dip their fries into!

Try a combination of a savoury, smoky barbecue glaze overtop of a burger to cater to the 44% of people who are interested in trying the flavour combination, or a sweet and spicy topping like cayenne-infused honey or spicy ketchup as the interest in sweet and spicy condiments rise.

Learn how you can create unique sauce pairings using Heinz Ketchup, while using easily available pantry ingredients to offer global flavours at your establishment with their latest burger trends post!

Product Formats

No matter whether your guests are dining in or out, it’s important to make sure they can enjoy sauces and condiments on their burgers and sides. Kraft Heinz offers a variety of choices from tabletop bottles to dip cups for you to choose from, making sure that your customers get the full experience with their meal.

Find Kraft Heinz ingredients to inspire and start your new burger recipe at The Wholesale Club. Shop online or in-store today!

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