Kraft Heinz Staples to Create Scrumptious Breakfasts and Desserts

At Wholesale Club, we love helping restaurant owners enhance their menus and expand their businesses. As we step into 2024, we went looking for new products with Kraft Heinz that will enrich your menu with creativity and attract more customers to your establishments.

These handpicked selections are more than just ingredients; they are a gateway to reinventing popular dishes and introducing new flavours that your customers will love. Best of all, their cross-utilization in breakfast and dessert recipes means you’ll save space in storage and have an easier time managing ingredient costs. Join us in exploring these delicious offerings and see how they can transform your menu into a customer magnet!

Your Breakfast Champion: Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Philadelphia Cream Cheese comes in two distinct forms, each tailored to enhance your culinary creations in unique ways. The creamy, spreadable Philadelphia Cream Cheese Pail is a breakfast champion for restaurant owners nationwide. Its ease of spreading makes it an excellent choice for quick, delicious breakfast items that elevate your morning menu.

Imagine the luxurious texture it adds when spread over a warm, toasted bagel, or the richness it lends to savoury breakfast dishes. If you haven’t already, add a smoked salmon bagel served with Philadelphia Cream Cheese, red onion, capers, and fresh lemon to your breakfast menu. As one of the top ingredient pairings for cream cheese[1], it’s sure to be a hit! This decadent, hearty topping is also popular on dishes like savoury and sweet breakfast crepes, wraps, and more.

Decadent Dessert Options for Restauranteurs

Transitioning to desserts, the Philadelphia Cream Cheese Brick is a baking essential. This firmer, denser cheese is perfect for creating indulgent cheesecakes with that classic, creamy texture. Cheesecakes are one of the top dessert options on restaurant menus for good reason – their rich flavour is the perfect way to end a meal! With the most popular toppings including chocolate and caramel, and raspberry increasing in popularity[2], there are countless ways to make the cheesecake you add to your menu unique and popular.

It’s not just about cheesecakes; think of the velvety frostings you can create for cakes and cupcakes, or blending cream cheese into dessert fillings that demand a touch of creamy tanginess. Its versatility in baking opens up a plethora of dessert options, from layered bars to sweet cheese-filled pastries.

Kraft Hazelnut Spread: Decadence in a Jar

Moving on to the sweet and irresistible world of Kraft Hazelnut Spread this ingredient is a game-changer for both breakfast and dessert menus. Its rich, chocolaty flavour, combined with the nutty hazelnut taste, makes it a favourite for customers of all ages.

For breakfast, envision this spread lavishly applied over French toast, crepes, or pancakes, transforming these traditional items into luxurious treats – they are the top dishes for chocolate hazelnut flavours[3], after all! The spread can also be a delightful addition to morning smoothies or yogurts, adding a touch of indulgence to start the day.

In the realm of desserts, Kraft Hazelnut Spread introduces a new layer of flavour to classic recipes. By adding it to a brownie mix, you create a chocolate-hazelnut fusion that is both familiar and novel. Try adding it to a bread pudding, as many innovators in the industry are trying out[4], and see how your customers enjoy the flavour combination! It can be drizzled over ice cream, blended into milkshakes, or even used as a filling for crepes, offering a versatile range of dessert options that are sure to please.

Kraft Heinz Products are Here to Help

Philadelphia Cream Cheese and Kraft Hazelnut Spread are more than just ingredients; they are inspirations for your culinary creativity. At Wholesale Club, we offer these products so you can transform your menu with popular combinations, delight your customers, and create recipes that help you save money on ingredients! Embrace these Kraft Heinz favourites and let them inspire your next culinary masterpiece.

Visit us online or in-store to discover these products for yourself and start adding items to your menu that’ll have your customers craving more!

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