Warm Up Your Menu with Kraft Heinz Products

As the chilly season approaches, it’s the perfect time for restaurateurs to bring warmth and comfort to their menus. Through our partnership with Kraft Heinz, Wholesale Club is proud to offer a diverse range of products that can elevate your offerings. From rich soups and robust tomato products to the delightful Kraft Dinner Mac and Cheese Bites, let’s dive into how these items can enhance your menu this winter!

A World of Flavours with Kraft Heinz Soups

Kraft Heinz’s soup selection is a treasure trove of flavours. Featuring options like Chef Francisco Potato with Bacon Soup and Chef Francisco Italian Wedding Soup, these soups are perfect as hearty starters or comforting meals. Their versatility also allows for creative culinary experiments, whether it’s a soup-of-the-day or a base for innovative dishes.

Given the growing interest in global dining, consider incorporating elements from around the world into your soups. With a growing interest in international foods, there’s no better time than winter to try a different country’s recipes.  Consider an Asian-style noodle soup or a hearty bean stew inspired by Spain on your menu, as these cuisines are seeing a rise in popularity[1].

Versatile Tomato Products

Tomatoes are incredibly versatile, and Kraft Heinz’s tomato products like Escalon Allegro Classic Starter Sauce and Escalon Allegro Classic Italian Pizza Sauce are essential for numerous recipes. These can be the heart of your best-selling pizzas or the secret behind your signature pasta dishes.

To add depth to your menu, add tomatoes to a risotto dish or incorporate tomatoes with ingredients like cheese, particularly mozzarella, for a delicious and unique twist to your usual entrée and appetizer recipes – they’re some of the fastest-growing and most popular ingredients to pair with tomatoes[2].

A Unique Twist to a Classic Favourite

Kraft Dinner Mac & Cheese Bites are an innovative take on a Canadian staple. These bites can be a standout appetizer or a memorable addition to your snack offerings. Their familiar taste, paired with a fun format, makes them appealing to all ages.

Serve these crispy delights with a range of dipping sauces or offer them as part of a sharing platter. KD Mac & Cheese Bites are a fantastic option for kids’ menus and can also be a tremendous upsell option for family meals or party packages​​!

Menu Inspiration and Emerging Trends

Drawing inspiration from recent culinary trends and limited-time offers can help keep your menu fresh and exciting. New and innovative restaurants are using tomatoes to create delicious meatball appetizers[3], and adding bread like sourdough to your soups as a side is the perfect way to stay ahead of the curve on exciting soups[4].

Not sure how to implement these changes? One of our favourite ways is by offering limited-time offers and exclusive dishes you can sell for a period to help gauge customer preferences and the success of new recipes.

Getting Cozy with Wholesale Club and Kraft Heinz

This season, let Kraft Heinz products from Wholesale Club inspire your menu. From comforting soups and versatile tomatoes to innovative KD Bites, there’s a wealth of possibilities to explore. Visit us online or in-store to discover these products and start crafting a menu that’s both comforting and exciting for your customers!

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