Add Fresh, Bright Flavours to Your Next Dish With Foodservice Fresh Herbs

Using fresh herbs in your recipes and menus for spring and summer is an exciting way to try new flavours you’ve never considered before.

Fresh herbs can be used chopped up and served in salads and dressing or cooked into dishes like roasted meats and soups. Some herbs are used in desserts to elevate their flavour or infused into water or cocktails.

Consider taking your menu to the next level with these exciting fresh herbs, letting your customers try the next best version of your favourite meal, or take a turn at a new cuisine they’ve never experienced before.

Foodservice Fresh Herbs are now available in an 8 oz size for your use at Wholesale Club, giving you the opportunity to add bright, fresh flavours to your dishes whenever you’d like.

Fresh Herb Guide

If you’re unsure which herb to use next, have no fear. We’ve developed a guide to our available fresh herbs to help you decide:

Basil – Basil is one of the most common herbs in Italian cuisine, found in dishes from Caprese salad to pesto. The fresh flavour of basil is bright and minty, with a touch of pepper. Its bright green colour suits many dishes. Cut basil into thin strips and toss it onto a fresh salad to elevate the flavour of the dish, or serve it cooked into tomato sauce to experience pasta the way Italians meant it to be made.

Cilantro – Cilantro is sometimes considered a controversial herb due to some people’s dislike of the flavour. While some may experience a soapy taste when they consume it, others love the earthy, citrusy taste it infuses into dishes. Cilantro doesn’t cook well and is better used fresh before serving. Top spicy dishes like stir-fries or coconut curries with this herb or mix it into your favourite guacamole recipe to try something new for the season.

Dill – Dill has a strong citrus and anise flavour and is often added to salads, fish, and eggs. The thin leaves are easy to chop and can be put into most dishes before serving to add a boost of flavour. Fresh dill is used whenever possible, as the flavour of the herb often disappears when cooked.

Mint – Mint is another herb best used fresh. Served in both sweet and savoury dishes, this herb can be added to fresh fruit, whipped into cream, or served on top of desserts to add bright colour and flavour. Many Mediterranean and Asian cuisines use fresh mint in meat dishes and as a garnish with their food.

Oregano – Oregano is a common herb, used in many different roasted dishes across the globe. It offers a strong peppery aroma that suits well with many nightshade vegetables, as well as sauces and meats. Chop oregano finely and add it to dressings to enjoy it fresh, or cook it into your next roasted lamb dish to see how it can take your dishes to the next level.

Parsley – Often known as flat-leaf or Italian parsley to differentiate itself from its curly sibling, parsley is a bright green herb used in cooking and garnishing around the world.  This parsley is often used in cooking as it carries a bold and aromatic flavour that mellows down as it is cooked. Parsley is often added to stock to add an herbaceous flavour and is found in most tomato sauces and soups.

Curly Parsley – Curly parsley is flat-leaf parsley’s often underused sibling. Offering a more grassy, salty flavour, curly parsley is used as a garnish in French cuisine, and is the perfect way to add some colour to your plate before serving. Curly parsley does well in fresh dishes where it is not cooked down and is served in salads like tabbouleh, where the voluminous leaves add flavour and texture to the dish.

Rosemary – Offering a strong pine and lemon flavour, rosemary is used in several different cuisines. The leaves of rosemary have a lot of natural oils which are picked up easily by dishes like roasted chicken, soups, fish, and dressings. Chopped, fresh rosemary is often added to butter to create a unique spread that can be served with bread and rolls. If you’re looking to add a strong flavour and aroma to your next dish, try adding this herb.

Thyme – Thyme is a small-leafed herb that is regularly used in French cooking. Added to soups, sauces, and meats, thyme offers a mild aromatic taste that accents and elevates natural flavours. This herb is often used in combination with parsley and oregano to spice up everyday dishes like roasted chicken.

See the fresh herbs available for you to choose from on the Wholesale Club website and make your order for delivery today*.

* Currently these herbs are only available in Ontario and Western Canada.

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