New Meat Products and Appetizers at Wholesale Club!

A new year means new delicious, restaurant-style meat and appetizer products. Whether you’re shopping for your food service business and are looking to add new items to your menu or are the chef at home looking for inspiration, Wholesale Club offers high-quality food at a price you’ll like.

Frozen Chicken

Packed with protein and flavour, be sure to grab one of these frozen chicken items during your next shopping trip to complete your entrée selection.

Chicken Burger 

This moderately spicey chicken buffalo burger is robust in flavour with just enough bite to keep you wanting seconds. Use it on top of salads, in a wrap, or on a bun for a classic chicken burger. Each box contains 27 4oz patties.

Chicken Strips

Simply heat them up and throw them in a salad, wrap, pasta, or fajitas!


Are you a fan of finger food? Then you won’t want to miss out on our assortment of new frozen wings. Choose from a variety of types, including:

  • Fully cooked, hot and crispy
  • Fully cooked, dusted
  • Split

Each type comes with 8-10 wings per box.


Available at our locations in Western Canada; frozen, crispy chicken drumsticks are the perfect compliment to your warm winter meals. Simply heat and serve!


Who doesn’t love a good appetizer? Heat these items individually for the perfect snack or use the whole box to share!

Breaded Cheese Curds 

Nothing says Canadian like PopCurds’ cheese curds. Pair them with dips and sauces or use as a delicious soup topping that will melt in your mouth.


Arancini Rice Ball Appetizer 

LivBon makes this classic Italian dish simple. These appetizers go from freezer to dinner plate in just 15 minutes! Each box contains 40 – 1oz rice balls.

Hungry yet? Get your new meat products and appetizers at a Wholesale Club near you or shop online today!

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