Summertime Nostalgia in a Cup with Slushies

The warm weather is officially here, and we are embracing it! With everyone spending more time outdoors, we’re all going to be looking for ways to keep cool on those hot days ahead. For restaurant owners this is an important consideration when setting up your menu for the much-anticipated patio season. For convenience store and food truck owners, fresh, grab-and-go cold menu items will keep customers coming back for more this summer!


Stir Up Some Slushie Fun in The Sun

slushiesCreate some fun menu items that are nostalgic, refreshing, and sweet with our Oasis Slushie machine! Equipped with your choice of one or two tanks, each tank holds 2.6 gallons of delicious slushie mix. Engineered with the environment in mind, our Oasis Slushie machine is built with a CFC-free cooling system and is constructed with a single-piece stainless steel cylindrical evaporator. The body of the machine is constructed with stainless steel and polycarbonate for easy cleaning.

Contact your local Wholesale Club and place your order for an Oasis Slushie machine with the Store Manager today. Now is the time to get ready for the warmer weather soon to be upon us!


Fun, Flavourful, and Refreshing

At the Wholesale Club, we have a variety of slushie flavours and products available for in-store purchase. Add these to your kid’s menu, or to your bar menu for some fun with frozen cocktails.

Slushie DrinkWhether you already have a slushie machine, or you’ve made the decision to purchase one for your business there’s no need to run around for supplies either! We have everything you need for delicious, cool slushies at the Wholesale Club:



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