Find New Ways to Add Salads to Your Menu with Kraft Heinz Salad Dressings

Salads are a great way to add variety to your restaurant’s menu. They can be served as a side or main course, and for many people, they’re a healthier option than other types of food. Salads are also a great feature to offer during the summer months when people are more driven to eat health-conscious foods and enjoy in-season produce.

Join over 76% of restaurant operators who offer salad on their menus. Many feature salad dressings like  Caesar, ranch, blue cheese, and creamy garlic, all of which top the list of the most-used dressings on salads.

We’ve put together a guide on new salad trends you can put on your menu, with help from Kraft Heinz and their delicious salad dressings. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Successful Salad Ideas

If you’re unsure how to integrate salads into your menu, there are a few trusted and true ideas that are sure to be successful.

You can’t go wrong with a classic Caesar or garden salad, and many restaurants offer both as a side or main entrée for their customers. We recommend adding chicken to your salad entrées to create a filling meal for all.

If you love your dressings so much that you want to offer them in other ways, consider selling packets of your most popular dressings – not only can you use them in take-out containers, but you can also offer them as a side with finger foods like chicken wings and chicken fingers.

Innovative New Menu Options

If you want to introduce new salads or add more than the classics to your menu, there are plenty of new and innovative ideas you can use to elevate your options and entice customers.

Upgrade the Everyday Caesar

While Caesar salad is a standard, some people might be bored by the staple after seeing it on the menu so often. We encourage you to try mixing Kraft Creamy Caesar Dressing with tossed kale instead of romaine to add more nutrition and new textures to the classic.

You can also elevate the meal by adding different proteins like tofu, steak, or shrimp to give customers variety in their protein options. Switch out bacon bits with diced pancetta to give the salad an elevated taste.

Get Inspired by Summer

Try adding in-season produce to your meals and offer salads like the classic cobb made with fresh local corn, or a summer berry salad with Kraft Raspberry Vinaigrette, topped with local berries like blueberries or Saskatoon berries.

Think International

It may still be a challenge to travel the world, but with Canada’s beautiful summer weather who would want to? Let customers try worldly flavours by featuring cuisines they love at your restaurant.

Italian food is a common favourite for good reason – we like to take our favourite Italian ingredients and toss them together to create an antipasto-inspired salad. Try mixing cherry tomatoes, diced salami, artichoke hearts, shaved parmesan, and spicy peppers and olives with mixed greens or pasta to create a hearty and delicious salad. We love to mix ours with Kraft Creamy Garlic Dressing!

Another popular trend is creating Asian fusion dishes. Create a poke bowl-inspired salad by mixing salad greens and rice with ingredients like tuna or salmon, pickled vegetables, kimchi, ginger, and fresh cucumber. Top the dish with an easy-to-make sesame chilli dressing – mix Kraft Miracle Whip with sesame oil and chilli oil to create a flavourful dressing to take this dish to the next level!

Salads are a great way to get creative with your menu while keeping it simple. They don’t require any special equipment or ingredients, just some fresh produce and a little imagination. With these trends and tips under your belt, you’ll be offering top-quality salads to your customers in no time!

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