New Menu-Ready Treats from Sara Lee®

We know that holiday season still seems kind of far off, but it’s creeping in more quickly than you may realize! You know what that means: hungry guests eager to eat, drink, and be merry! Whether you’re cooking up some ideas for your seasonal menu or looking for some fresh menu essentials, Sara Lee® is here to satisfy your guests’ collective sweet tooth and simplify your dessert prep!

Individually Wrapped Mini Cheesecakes by Sara Lee®

Decadent and perfectly portioned, these new premium Mini Cheesecakes by Sara Lee® will satisfy any craving for a rich and creamy dessert. Made with quality ingredients, these little treats are made with real cream cheese, NO artificial flavours, NO colouring from artificial sources, and NO high fructose corn syrup.

Simply thaw and serve, they’re also beneficial for your business in a big way:

Decadent & Profitable Take-out & Delivery Dessert

Make your dessert menu a little more indulgent for your guests and a little more profitable for your business with Sara Lee® Mini Cheesecakes! These pre-packaged delights help reduce prep time and labour costs, which means you can get your orders out the door faster.

Perfect Plating, Every Time

Easy to serve packaged or plated, the new Sara Lee Mini Cheesecakes help minimize food waste with perfect portions and keep plated presentation consistent! Their easy-to-serve packaging means all you have to do is:

  1. Remove the wrapper
  2. Pull cup edges away from cheesecake while frozen
  3. Plate and add toppings as desired

And dessert is served!

Convenience in a Cup

The new Sara Lee Mini Cheesecakes are as convenient for you as they are for your guests. While these sweet treats are easy for you to store and serve, they’re just as easy for your guests to enjoy anywhere, any time.

Serving Safely

According to recent studies by Datassential, 46% of consumers want sealed food packages, while 31% want parts of their order individually wrapped. Sara Lee makes this simple by offering you a touchless dessert that can safely be served to guests with ease. Their new pre-packaged Mini Cheesecakes are sealed, safe, and sweet!

A Flavour for Everyone


Rich & Creamy New York Style Mini Cheesecake with Graham Cookie Crust.

Salted Caramel

Rich & Creamy New York Style mini cheesecake topped with Salted Caramel Truffle on a chocolate cookie crust.


Smooth and creamy cheesecake covered with a sweet blend of strawberry puree and real strawberry pieces on a vanilla shortbread cookie crust.

Sara Lee® has been dedicated to making high quality, delicious cheesecake for over 85 years. As the #1 retail cheesecake brand, you can trust your customers will enjoy them too.

  • Perfect portions packaged for easy anytime eating
  • Single-serve convenience for simple indulgence
  • Made with real cream cheese
  • No high-fructose corn syrup, no colors from artificial sources and no artificial flavours
  • Kosher KVH-D

Shop for the NEW Sara Lee Mini Cheesecakes at the Wholesale Club online or in-store now!

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