Add Creamy Kraft Heinz Condiments to Your Menu Today!

What’s a meal without any sauce? It’s a little more boring, that’s for sure.

Customers across Canada have their favourites, but if there’s anything we know, people love the creamy flavours of mayonnaise, ranch, and Caesar when they see them on a menu.

Explore the popularity of these options with us and our friends at Kraft Heinz and see how you can incorporate some of these classics. From sandwiches and wraps to bowls and burgers, incorporating these delicious dressings and condiments is a fantastic way to elevate the ordinary and transform your menu!

The Stars of the Show

Mayonnaise has been around for ages and has become the number one condiment pairing for so many dishes like sandwiches, wraps, burgers, bowls, and more[1].

Whether you prefer the traditional flavour of Heinz Real Mayonnaise or the tangy zip of Kraft Miracle Whip, there’s no arguing that the creamy texture and hearty flavour elevate any dish they’re served with.

Restauranteurs have been finding new ways to elevate mayonnaise over the years, swapping it out in dishes with flavours like ranch or Caesar to bring them to the next level.

Better yet, they’re customizing! Flavours like spicy mayo and garlic aioli are among the top ways to serve the condiment with sandwiches and wraps[2].

Are you interested in trying out these flavours in your own menu? We’ve got ideas to share. Explore these popular ways to incorporate Kraft Miracle Whip, Heinz Real Mayonnaise, Kraft Creamy Caesar, and Kraft Rancher’s Choice into your menu and onto your customer’s plates!

Transforming Bowls with Kraft Heinz

Bowls are a popular way to serve a multitude of dishes, from poke bowls to rice bowls, and even a delicious salad with hearty vegetables. What really transforms a bowl, however, is the sauce you serve with it.

Mayonnaise is one of the top condiments paired with bowls[3], and people love serving it plain or elevating it by mixing it with sriracha or paprika for a kick. One combo we’ve seen that people love? Mixing mayonnaise and unagi sauce into a poke bowl for a sweet and savoury combo!

Classic favourites include adding ranch to bowls as well! Try serving up a steak and cheese bowl drizzled with Kraft Rancher’s Choice or adding it to a chicken and rice bowl to balance out flavours.

Pair Sandwiches and Wraps with Ranch and Caesar

Everyone loves a classic BLT with mayonnaise or Miracle Whip, but have you considered doing something a little different to jazz things up?

One of the fastest-growing condiments to serve on sandwiches is ranch, and we understand why. Its peppery taste goes so well with so many different flavours! Its top fast-growing pairing is with jerk chicken[4], likely because of how it balances with spicy foods. Try combining the two in a wrap special at your restaurant!

Of course, there’s always a fan favourite to be found with Caesar dressing. Nothing beats mixing chicken, parmesan, lettuce, and bacon with Kraft Creamy Caesar dressing in a classic chicken wrap – people love it so much they’re consistently the top ingredients paired together[5].

Yummy Burger Combos for Your Guests

Burgers are a staple at every Canadian restaurant – from a classic cheeseburger to a vegan patty with all the wild fixings you can think of; people love to dig into a grilled burger.

Mayonnaise is the #1 ingredient placed on burgers at restaurants across Canada[6], but there has been increased growth in adding flavoured mayonnaise to toppings, from garlic aioli to chipotle mayo. People love the dynamic flavours in every bite and getting to dip their fries in any sauce that’s left on the plate!

Try out something different by adding an aioli made with Heinz Real Mayonnaise to your burger. Consider a Southwest-style plate: a burger served with chipotle aioli, southwest cheese blend, corn salsa, and some grilled vegetables. It’s sure to be a hit!

For those who want something easy to spoon onto a bun, have no fear. Try out the magic of garlic aioli without the fuss by dressing your burgers with Caesar. The garlicky, peppery flavour balances so well with a rich beef patty, making it an elevated addition to a classic.

When it comes to any dish on your menu, never forget that Kraft Heinz is ready with the condiments, dressings, and spoonables you need.

If you’re ready to grab some Kraft Miracle Whip or Kraft Rancher’s Choice for yourself, check out the Wholesale Club in-store or online! We love helping restaurant owners like you find the best deals on the groceries you love.

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