Create Trending Tomato Favourites for Your Menu

Pizza and pasta are classics that are almost always a hit on a menu. Each allows for custom options, from added toppings and ingredients, to quality bases to elevate their flavour. Wholesale Club is pleased to offer you guidance on the new and most popular trends in both dishes with Kraft Heinz, highlighting how using umami-rich tomatoes in these meals can elevate your menu to the next level.

From savoury pizza bases to tangy pasta sauce, Kraft Heinz offers high-quality tomato products for you to use and customize in your kitchen!

Trending Pizza Toppings

Pizza is a universal favourite, and it’s no surprise that people are constantly trying to come up with new ways to enjoy it. A classic base, over 50% of the top sauces paired with pizzas feature tomatoes!

We’ve seen some really unique ideas in the world of pizza lately including artisan pizzas with new flavours, sold by the slice. These often have drizzles of balsamic reduction or chilli oil served on top of distinctive ingredients, or hot honey drizzled on top of classic pepperoni and tomato sauce to add some spice.

Another growing trend is innovative new versions of the classics, like cup pepperoni, which are smaller versions of regular pepperoni that curl into small cups when cooked. Customers are also keen to build their own personal pizzas or try things they’ve never had before—like a donair pizza inspired by the Canadian classic!

Premier Pasta Options

We’re headed into the cold months of winter, and you know what that means: comfort food!

Pasta dishes are beloved by many, but the trend this season is all about plant-forward meals. That means we’re seeing more plates of pasta topped with seasonal vegetables like fennel and squash. Including these vegetables will not only offer gorgeous colour to your plate but allow you to showcase local ingredients and innovative culinary techniques.

We’re also seeing a rising trend of hearty, comforting bakes, which are a perfect cozy meal for the winter. If you’re looking for a new way to spice up your pasta game, try making one of these tasty bakes with different shapes of pasta and delicious cheeses like asiago, feta, gorgonzola, or goat cheese.

Heartwarming classics are also popular and still drive sales, so don’t say goodbye to dishes like spaghetti marinara served with hearty meatballs. People can’t say no to a family favourite!

Boost Flavours with Tomato Paste and Juice

Tomatoes are filled with umami flavour, the rich, meaty taste that adds complexity and savoury goodness to dishes. By adding tomato paste or tomato juice to dishes, you can elevate their flavour. Try replacing water in your vegetable soups with tomato juice or add Heinz tomato paste to your dishes to enhance their meaty flavours.

Find Kraft Heinz ingredients to use in your menu at the Wholesale Club. Shop in-store or online with us today! To learn more about how to include hearty tomatoes to your menu, check out Kraft Heinz’s blog about trending tomato ideas!

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