From Food Truck to Restaurant, Get to Know the Owner of Flippin’ Mike’s: Mike Jourdy

Chef Profile

Name: Mike Jourdy

Age: 52

City: Woodstock, Ontario

Current Restaurant: Flippin’ Mike’s

Previous Restaurants: J. Kwinter Franchise

Favorite Hobbies: Cooking, football, boating, camping

Favorite Food to Eat: Burgers, roasts, pizza

Chef Bio

I was a general contractor from the 6ix (aka Toronto), but I always dreamt of being a restauranteur. My wife and I left Toronto to buy a house, ending up in Woodstock where we bought a food truck. We quickly outgrew the food truck as our popularity grew and word spread. Our loyal customers came from everywhere for our burgers and fries: London, Kitchener, Hamilton, and Port Dover. The time came to look for our first sit-down restaurant and we opened our first brick and mortar location in Tillsonburg in 2020.

Chef Q & A

1.  What is your earliest food memory? 

Hmmm, I’m not sure I can think of one. I know I liked food . . .


2. Did anyone inspire you to become a chef? 

I think I would have to say Emeril Lagasse first inspired me. I loved watching him cook on TV.


3. What are your favourite ingredients to cook with? What are your favourite ingredients to pick up at Wholesale Club?

I love cooking with meat, meat, and more meat. From a burger to a turkey, I love it all and love to spice it up. My favourite ingredients to pick up at Wholesale club are any and all ingredients we need for our appetizer menu along with bacon and onion rings.


4. How often do you change your menu?

Not too often because we’re happy with our menu, but every now and then, inspiration strikes, and we know we have to add this or that new burger to our repertoire. All of our specialty burgers are unique and inspired and each ingredient is purposeful and carefully paired with the other ingredients on the burger creation. A lot of thought has gone into our menu. You never know, we just might have a couple of tricks up our sleeve . . . some new ideas might be announced soon.


5. How would you describe the food at your restaurant? What are some of your signature dishes?

Our burgers are from local beef farmers and the patties contain no fillers whatsoever. Our cheese and produce are also locally sourced and along with our beef, our fresh cut fries are never frozen. Our most popular burgers are probably the Kyle burger (named after one of our valued customers) and our Philly burger. This one is named after my team (the Philadelphia Eagles) and my dog Philly.


6. What are some tips you would have for someone who aspires to open up their own restaurant?

Do it! If we could do it in the middle of a global pandemic, as unsure as this time is, well maybe you can too. Only you know if it’s in you if it’s who you are; a part of your DNA and what you were meant to do. I go to work every day and it doesn’t feel like work to me because I love what I do. I’ve always been self-employed and an entrepreneur so that helps, but if you do what you love and what you’re good at, the passion you have will shine through.



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