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Chef Profile

Name: Gyanendra Sharma

Age: 38

City: Calgary

Current Restaurant: Calgary Momo House

Previous Restaurants: Executive Sous Chef at Marriot International and Millennium Hotels and ReResorts

Favorite Hobbies: Music, running (Drumheller marathon)

Favorite Cookbook: The Silver Spoon (European countryside cuisine)

Favorite Food to Eat: Middle East & Mediterranean cuisine — grilled foods, kabobs

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Chef Bio

Classically trained Chef and Culinary Professional with over 18+ years of dedicated service experience in Europe, America, and the Middle East.

Chef Q & A

1.  When did you start cooking? 

Gyanendra grew up in a rural village in Nepal to a family of farmers. They farmed and harvested the land, and he helped in between his studies. His older sister showed him how to make Masala tea at a young age and that sparked his passion as he recalls the aroma of all the spices. By the time he was in grade 9, he was capable of preparing family meals. He decided with the advice of his brother to go to culinary school in Vienna, Austria.


2. How did your passion for food begin?

He spent 3 years in Europe working towards his culinary certificate doing both class studies and internships in restaurants. He received his certificate in Austria that contributed to achieving a Red Seal certificate here in Canada.


3. Describe the favourite dish you make:

Jhol Momo (soup dumplings). Because Nepal sits high in altitude the momos are perfect to keep you warm and full of energy to work in the mountain climate.


4. How often do you change your menu? What are your favourite ingredients to cook with? What ingredients do you shop for at Wholesale Club?

Turmeric, mustard oil, and cumin seed for the colour, health benefits, flavour and aromas. He enjoys buying dried chillies, Masala, and Kasoori Methi from the Wholesale club.


5. How would you describe the food at your restaurant? What are some of your signature dishes? If you were trapped on a deserted island for the rest of time and could only eat three types of food, what would you choose to eat?

Momos, steak, and pasta!

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