Get to Know Chef Susana Davila of Swiss Bakery

 Chef Profile

Name: Susana Davila

Age: 44

City: Burnaby

Current Restaurant: Swiss Bakery

Previous Restaurants: Gustitos (in Peru)

Favourite Hobbies: Sewing & baking pastries

Favourite Chef: Chef Sandra Plevisani, a Peruvian chef known worldwide.

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Chef Q & A

1. When did you start cooking? What is your fondest memory of cooking?

I started cooking as a young girl to help out my mother who had to work a lot. My fondest memories of cooking were with my grandmother who was like a mentor and teacher to me. She taught me so many things.


2. How did your passion for food begin?

As a young child, I always loved baking. When I moved to Canada seven years ago, I leaned into my passion and started to bake professionally.


3. Describe your favourite dish to make.

One of my favourite dishes to make is, of course, a sweet dish. It is called a Crema Volteada which is a creamy Peruvian flan. It can be tricky to make as you have to be incredibly precise.


4. What are your favourite ingredients to work with? What ingredients do you shop for at Wholesale Club?

My favourite sweet item to use is condensed milk. For the savoury items, I like to use a Peruvian red and yellow pepper paste, which you can use in so many dishes.


5. If you were trapped on a deserted island for the rest of time and could only eat three types of food, what would you choose to eat?

The three items I would choose to eat are green rice, lomo saltado (a Peruvian beef stir fry), and ceviche.

Find Swiss Bakery

Address: 143 E 3rd Ave Vancouver, BC

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