Get to Know Chef Chien Le of Thuận Kiều

Chef Profile

Name: Chien Le

Age: 47

City: London, ON

Current Restaurant: Thuận Kiều

Favorite Food to Eat: Chinese food

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Chef Q & A

1. Did anyone inspire you to become a chef? If not, what inspired you to start cooking?

My parents inspired me. I saw how hard they worked and wanted to help them more, so I started helping them in the kitchen.


2. What are your favourite ingredients to cook with?

I really like to use garlic. I like that it brings out the flavours in what I cook.


3. How often do you change your menu?

Not often enough. My parents are very old school. Thuận Kiều is very blessed with a lot of regular customers who love our menu the way it is.

4. How would you describe the food at your restaurant? What are some of your signature dishes??

We’re a very casual restaurant. Nothing fancy, but we value fresh ingredients. We make Pho everyday and a lot of pad thai.


5. What are some tips you would have for someone who aspires to open their own restaurant?

You have to enjoy what you do – especially if it’s working in or owning a restaurant! The restaurant that you work at pretty much becomes your life. I used to work 12-to-15-hour days.

Find Thuận Kiều


Address: 1275 Highbury Avenue North #116, London ON

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