Spring Rolls from Oi Café & Bakery

Looking for a healthier snack or appetizer? Try Chef Loni Quach’s spring roll recipe from Oi Café & Bakery! These tasty rolls are filled with a variety of healthy ingredients, such as fresh vegetables and lean shrimp, and are wrapped in a thin, rice paper wrapper. They’re a refreshing and satisfying option that you need to try!

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Peanut Sauce


  1. . Cook vermicelli noodles in boiling water, for just a few minutes, according to package instructions. Drain and rinse with cold water.
  2. Gather all topping ingredients together, including chopped veggies, herbs, cooked shrimp.
  3. Add about 1 inch of water to a large, deep dish, or pie pan. Place one rice wrapper into the water and let soak for just 10-15 seconds. It should still feel pretty firm as you remove it and lay it on your counter or plate. It will soften up as you add the filling ingredients, but if you let it soak for too long it will get too soft and will tear when you roll it up.
  4. Layer 1-2 slices of each veggie, a few shrimps, a few leaves of each herb and a pinch of noodles on the 1/3 of the spring roll that is closest to you.
  5. Fold the sides of the spring roll in over the ingredients. Then pull the side closest to you up and over the ingredients, sealing everything together tightly, and rolling it up like a burrito.

For the peanut sauce: Add all ingredients to a food processor or blender and pulse until smooth.

Other filling ingredient ideas:


The rolls taste best the day they are made but can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. Wrap each roll individually in plastic wrap (to keep the wrapper soft and to keep them from sticking together) and store in an air-tight container in the fridge.

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