Get to Know Chef Mohamed Adil of Student’s Dhaba

Chef Profile

Name: Mohamed Adil

Age: 42

City: Oshawa

Current Restaurant: Student’s Dhaba

Previous Restaurant: Bihari Kebab

Favorite Hobbies: Cooking and reading

Favorite Cookbook: Dalda Ka Dastar Khan (Dalda is clarified butter company in Pakistan and is widely used in cooking in Pakistan much like vegetable or canola oil.)

Favorite Food to Eat: Chicken Biryani 

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Chef Q & A

1. When did you first start cooking and what was your inspiration?

When was I was young, I was my mother’s best connoisseur and developed an interest in cooking then. I learned my mother’s favorite dishes and filed it away in my memory. In 2010, I launched Bihari Kebab and it gave me a place to share my mother’s recipes. Since then, it’s been a culinary adventure.


2. Describe your favourite dishes to make.

My favourite dishes that I make are Butter Chicken, Bihari Kebab, and Nihari.


3. What are your favourite ingredients to cook with and what do you shop at the Wholesale Club for?

I cook a lot with crushed tomato, cream, milk, Indian eggplant when available, potatoes, fresh tomato, lettuce, onions, turmeric, fenugreek, fried onions, and other spices. I’m excited that the Wholesale Club is going to bring halal chicken breast and chicken legs back!


4. If you were trapped on a deserted island for the rest of time and could only eat three types of food, what would you choose to eat?

I would eat biryani, Bihari, and pizza.


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