Teacher By Day. Foodie By Night. Q&A With Karlie’s Kitchen

Author Profile

Name: Karlie Krisko

Age: 27

City: Winnipeg

Current Occupation: Elementary School Teacher

Favourite Hobbies: When I’m not in the kitchen, I enjoy reading and spending time outside with my family

Favourite Cookbook: Cravings: Hungry for More by Chrissy Teigen

Favourite Food To Eat: I’m a sucker for a nice, juicy burger 

Favourite Kitchen Gadget: Garlic press…no one wants stinky garlic fingers!


Author Bio

Always having a love for food and a passion for cooking, I began Karlie’s Creative Kitchen in June of 2017.   What started out as a few social media posts sharing other chef’s recipes as turned into an amazing creative  outlet for me to blog and share my own creations! I strive to create healthy, quick and delicious meals that are full of bold and fresh flavours.

Q&A With Karlie Krisko

1. Do you have a lucky charm in your kitchen?

I do not have a lucky charm however my dog, Snickers is always keeping me company when I’m creating dishes in my kitchen.


2. Your favourite spice?

Smoked paprika. It has the most delicious and smoky taste and really adds a flavor punch!


3. What’s the last thing you burned?

I recently burnt balsamic vinegar while trying to reduce it for a glaze. I will NEVER make that mistake again!


4. What get’s you angry in the kitchen?

It can become overwhelming when I’m trying to cook too many things at once. I have been more diligent in prepping all of my ingredients beforehand which has helped eliminate some of the stress that comes with cooking.


5. Latest flavor combination you discovered?

With summer just around the corner, I am looking forward to growing and adding fresh herbs to all of my dishes. Fresh herbs add so much flavor to your food!


6. What’s the most expensive purchase in your kitchen?

I would be lost without my KitchenAid mixer. I think my next splurge will be investing in some of their attachments (fresh pasta, anyone?!)


7. Do you listen to music in the kitchen? What’s your favourite song?

Always! Right now I’m obsessed with Khalid, Kasey Musgraves and Lizzo.


8. Favourite comfort food?

I’ve never met an eggs benedict I didn’t like. Served with extra crispy hash browns of course!


9. Favourite smell in the kitchen?

Is there anything better than butter, onions and garlic?! It’s heavenly, I tell ya.


10. If you could change anything in the food industry what would it be?

Food accessibility is an issue I have been educating myself on lately. I think that healthy and delicious food should be available and affordable for everyone to enjoy.


11. What do you admire in other chefs/social media influencers?

I am always blown away by the creativity I see online! Whether it is plating, flat lays or flavor combinations, there are so many amazing people doing some very unique things online.


12. Who is your greatest inspiration?

Without a doubt my husband and family. Nothing makes me happier than taking the time to prepare a meal from the heart and sharing it with my loved ones.


13. What dish are you most proud of?

There is not one dish that comes to mind however I’m always proud when I take a risk, something new and it tastes great.


14. What ingredient can you not live without?

There is nothing better than a good quality olive oil. It really makes such a difference!


15. Your favourite advice for other inspiring social media foodie influencers?

Don’t be afraid to start! It may seem intimidating to put yourself out there but it is also so rewarding to share your creations with the world.


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