Fo’ Popper Mix from Fo’ Cheezy Food Trucks

Beat the chilly weather with this spicy, creamy, and indulgent Fo’ Popper Mix, made by Chef Sandor Doman of Fo’ Cheezy Food Trucks! This tasty mix is made with jalapenos, corn, and cheese, coming together to create a flavorful and satisfying snack. Serve it up on sandwiches or with chips for an extra crunch – it goes great with both!

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  1. Heat oil in pot. Add onion, red pepper, and green onions to saute.
  2. Remove stems and cut in half the box of jalapenos. Layer jalapenos inside facing up on two baking trays. Spray with Pam and put in a high temperature oven until charred.
  3. Add corn to pepper mixture and stir. Let warm and then add cream cheese to pot; mix until melted.
  4. Place cloves of garlic and one tray of jalapenos into a food processor and blend until smooth. Add to mixture in pot; then blend second tray of jalapenos and add to the pot as well.
  5. Add in salt and shredded cheese, and mix well. Cool mixture in the fridge until time to serve.

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