Get to Know Chef Ro of Pita Basket Airdrie

Chef Profile

Name: Chef Ro

Age: 28

City: Calgary, AB

Current Restaurant:  Pita Basket Airdrie

Favourite Hobbies: Boxing, cooking, and the outdoors

Favourite Food to Eat: Marinated chicken cooked on a charcoal BBQ served with Lebanese traditional garlic sauce

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Chef Q & A

1. When did you first start cooking, and how did your passion for food begin?

When I was young, I started work with my oldest brother. When working with my brother I found my passion. I started building a lot of skills and knowledge about food, and I loved making people smile and be happy through my cooking.


2. Describe your favourite dish to make.

My favourite dish is a traditional dish called Fatteh. This dish is very popular during Ramadan and can be made in different ways. It can be made vegetarian, or you can add your favourite types of meat.


3. What are your favourite ingredients to work cook with? What ingredients do you shop for at Wholesale Club?

I like to buy fresh, high-quality vegetables. I purchase yogurt, chickpeas, high quality ghee, extra virgin olive oil, and herbs and spices to add a special touch to each dish.


4. If you were trapped on a deserted island for the rest of time and could only eat three types of food, what would you choose to eat?

I love my veggies and fruits. If I could eat tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes, or watermelons, I would live happy.


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