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Name: Mike Bolton

Age: 32

City: Toronto

Current Occupation: Social Media Management/ Marketing for Restaurants

Past Occupation: Telecommunication Sales/Musician

Favourite Hobbies: Food & Drink (Restaurants), Travel, Reading, The Outdoors, Camping, Spending Time with friends and family, and Board Games.

Favourite Food To Eat: Hard To Pick Just One but I do love a Classic Rare Beef Pho


Author Bio

In this article, we ask Mike, one of Toronto’s budding foodies, for some interesting hot takes on topics like what things make his taste buds tingle and certain ways that he would change the food industry. Follow Bolton Bites as he discovers Toronto food scene gems, one dish at a time.

Q&A With Mike Bolton

1. The most delicious meal you ever ate was at?

One of the most enjoyable meals I ever had was in Chiang Mai,Thailand eating a simple bowl of Khao Soi (coconut milk curry based soup) at a restaurant called ‘The Garden’.


2. Your favourite place to eat is?

I have so many favorite places to eat in the city, and it really just depends on what food I’m craving at the time.


3. What makes your mouth water?

Pizza, burgers, tacos, sushi and just about all South East Asian food are my weaknesses.


4. Latest flavor combination you discovered?

I’ve had the pleasure of trying Laotian food from a good friend of mine (Dao) who is an excellent Lao cook. The mixture of sweet, salty, sour, spicy flavors in those dishes makes it some of my favorite food in the world.


5. What’s the most expensive meal you ever purchased?

It would have been a steak dinner, with copious amounts of wine and dessert to finish off the meal … but that was years ago. Sometimes I find the best food in the world doesn’t have to be super expensive.


6. Favourite comfort food?

Pho is my favorite comfort food. Soup in general is usually the most comforting food for me.


7. If you could change anything in the food industry what would it be?

I wouldn’t change a thing. It already has it’s own perfectly imperfect balance. The only thing I would like to change, is to encourage people to get out there more and try more food, but it seems that that as well is happening more than ever.


8. What do you admire in other chefs/social media influencers?

I admire influencers who keep it real. Those who I can tell have a genuine passion for food, who care about the restaurants they feature and who are selective with who they work with. In regards to chefs, anyone who is a deep passion for food and cooking that is dedicated to creating excellent food gets the upmost respect and admiration from me.


9. Who is your biggest inspiration?

When it comes to food media icons, Anthony Bourdain, Mark Weins, & Action Bronson, are some of my biggest inspirations.


10. What advice do you give to someone who wants to grow their social media pages?

Create genuine connections with other foodies. Develops your own voice, & style. Think about what it is that you can bring to
the table that is completely unique to you. Lastly, enjoy the process!

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